Commercial Mortgage Rates

June 18, 2019
Loan ProductRates (start as low as)LTVAmortization
Commercial Mortgage Rates4.48%Up to 75%Up to 25 years
Apartment Commercial Mortgage Rates4.18%Up to 80%Up to 30 years
Business Real Estate Loans4.38%Up to 90%Up to 30 years

Here at Allied, we have some fantastic financial products that can help you kickstart or support your property investment portfolio. We’re well known in the industry for arranging loans and mortgage to help refinance and purchase commercial properties, whether they are single or multi-tenant, retail space, warehouses, healthcare units, or storage facilities. No matter what kind of commercial property you are looking to buy, we will certainly look into our best financial products for you.

Our company sources our capital from a range of sources including the likes of national banks, credit unions, Wall Street conduit lenders, and insurance companies. Thanks to all of these options, we’re able to entertain loan requests of various sizes and from a range of investors. As our minimum loan amount is $500,000 and we offer some great long-term fixed rates, there’s no wonder that we appeal to so many commercial property buyers.

When it comes to our underwriting, it is very flexible. This means that we are able to approve commercial loans and mortgages for some individuals that many of the more traditional lenders would deny. This means that even those with a poor credit rating or who require a stated income loan are usually accepted for a mortgage with us.

It’s this wide range of mortgage products and personal attention to each individual case that makes us so successful and a hit with our clients. What’s more, we also never charge for a mortgage application, even in the rare event that it is not accepted. Our pre-approvals will also arrive within 24 hours of our receipt of the completed application, so there’s no waiting and wondering for any client.

When we work through our loan applications, we ensure we go through all of the finer details so that we can do everything possible to make sure an application is approved. This also helps us to offer the best rates and terms available on the market.

Lots of clients come to us when they are looking to finance the purchase of a notoriously difficult-to-finance property type. These include the likes of bowling alleys, skating rinks, theaters, as well as many other very specialized single-use spaces.

As well as helping many people out with their loans, we are also proud to support many local businesses. We’re always doing all that we can to help your company grow in the current financial climate. This has helped us build some very strong relationships with long-term clients who repeatedly come back to our company when they are looking for their next commercial property loan.

So, if you have been recently thinking about taking the plunge into commercial property investment, you’ve come to the right place. Simply submit your mortgage application and we will examine your case to see which is the right product for you. Alternatively, why not get in touch with us right now to request more information.

We understand that borrowing can be confusing, so let us show you how we can help.